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We are able to offer transparent and credible recruitment services, to interconnect the interest of the employer and the employee to their satisfaction.
Our clients are individuals, with different priorities and different goals. Therefore, individual approach is essential to find an optimal solution to their demands. We are able to work creatively and independently, with great effort, initiative and enthusiasm. In an active way, we come up with useful ideas that might be beneficial for our clients.
We prefer long-time cooperation, and we are able to offer flexibility, initiative, creativity, and top level of the service provided, following from good knowledge of the needs and the priorities of the client.
At any level of the services provided, we emphasise the quality, professional approach and manner, and business ethics.

Search for new employees
We have developed an extensive and continuously updated database with applicants interested in work abroad. Following from your requirements, we are able to offer you candidates in a very short time. If we are no able to offer candidates for your specialised job positions instantly, we can advertise for you.

Preparation of candidates
We are able to prepare your candidates so that they meet your demands perfectly. We can provide special language courses tailored to the job position offered. We are able to help your candidates with paper work, transport, accommodation and other services required.

Direct recruitment
Would you like to participate in the search for your candidates? We can assist you during your selection procedure. We are able to pre-select the candidates, and provide suitable facilities for higher levels of your selection here in the Czech Republic, so you select the final candidates on your own.

Agency employment
Your candidates may become even our agency employees. Using this service, you increase your company HR efficiency. What are the advantages?

Included in the service: